Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Last Day: Good bye, Iqaluit!

I know, it's kind of late for this. It's mid September and I left the Arctic around mid April. I never wrote about the last days because it felt so finite after spending a month somewhere so far north, somewhere so remote and alien and yet so strangely familiar.

Did you ever try to imagine what one of your parallel universes would look like? The time I spent in Iqaluit almost felt like another life and I am most grateful I had the opportunity to experience it for a short while - with the security of eventually returning home to my "normal" life ;)

Tonight I was looking through some of the photos I took during my stay and I felt it was time to finally write down the last post of my arctic adventure. Because, you know, I want to use this travel blog for other trips as well (and I could write about a dozen new discoveries already!).

I don't want to write much actually. Ultimately, no word could describe the profound impact the Arctic has left on me. The people I had the honour to meet and the friends I made and what they taught me. The things I learned. I can still smell the sharp, cold air and I can hear the wind howling and the ravens cawing.

I will always remember the great times at the Inhabit Media office (and the most awesome co-worker ever, Neil Christopher. Yes, I miss making jokes about decaf, too :P)  I miss Chimes Ginger Chews and Tamarind Almonds. And the rotten walrus skull in front of the door. It still gives me nightmares.

I'm gonna end this chapter here with some photos and a huge THANK YOU to the universe and all the people who helped creating such great memories.

It was too amazing to call it a once in a lifetime experience...


The day before I left I took one last stroll along the bay 

Best food? Definitely the caribou roast made by Isabelle!

William and his wife Louise and their friend Blandina

Traditional inuit costume.
It was a bit too short but still very cuddly!

Husky attack <3

Arctic fashion with a twist!
I bought that crazy hat from Rannva.

Louise shows me how to wear the traditional Amauti.

They made sure I wasn't short for anything
and even imported some beer for me, awwwh!

We had THE BEST Snow-BBQ on the last evening!
Yes, funky hat, I know! :P

Goodbye Isabelle, my student of bavarian language!

Goodbye Nunavut.

Goodbye Arctic.

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