Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Cairns of Niederlauterbach

Over New Year we decided to visit my family in Jetzendorf, Upper Bavaria. Spending my whole childhood and teenage years here, I know all the funky places, of course ;)

Today I wanted to go back to the bronze-age cairns of Niederlauterbach. Approximately 180 remarkably well preserved grave mounds are scattered throughout the tranquil forest, some of them even older than 3.600 years! Such a peaceful place in which time seems to stand still for a while. If you're around the area some day, make sure to stop by and enjoy a bit of history.

Start of the trail

Strolling through the forest. A Jaegerstand on the left.

The first cairn in sight!

Some of the cairns are still impressively high!

Panoramic view. All those little bumps are graves!

Panoramic view. All those little bumps are graves!

Finds of the excavations

Reconstruction of a burial

Finds of the excavations

One of the largest cairns.

It had an old beech tree growing out of the top.

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