Friday, March 29, 2013

Iqaluit, Day 11: Longing Monsters

Almost half of the time of my stay here in Iqaluit is over already. So today's post is dedicated to my amazing husband Martin. With a very heavy heart he did let me go away so far north for such a long time (I know, some of you might think "Get a grip, it's just a month!" but for us it is just a very long time being apart from each other).

Saying Goodbye at the airport in Cork was terribly sad and intense. I was worried and excited and curious at the same time and I almost felt guilty to abandon him for this adventure in the Arctic. We initially tried to get Martin over to Iqaluit as well, but the cost of traveling was just too high and it's hard enough to get a month off. So I appreciate it even more that he has the trust in me and knows how important and valuable this trip is for me. I promise, I won't make a habit out of it ;)

You are incredible, Martin, and the best that has happened to me! I love you and miss you and cannot wait to see you again. I am surrounded by Longing Monsters ;)