Thursday, April 11, 2013

Iqaluit, Day 24: Lock Your Bloody Door!

"No matter if you are in prison or in church, 
you lock your bloody door!"
– Martin W. Mason

One habit I've encountered here in Iqaluit is that nobody locks their doors. Not the front door, not the back door... there are cars even parked and running in front of the supermarket - with keys and mobile phone and all in there! People here apparently are so genuinely nice to each other that they don't expect anything bad happening. A couple of times I woke up in the middle of the night, panicking and checking if the front door is locked. Hey, I'm only acting with a healthy sense of mistrust there. ;)

But to be fair, stealing a car in Iqaluit is probably hopeless anyways. Where would you go with a stolen car? The roads end outside of the town.

I almost feel bad that I openly mentioned my concern that it only needs one person (preferrably a tourist... hey, not me!) with a twisted mind to open one of the parked cars or walk into a house and take whatever they like. I made people paranoid ;P And you won't believe what the local newspaper said yesterday...

I brought the theft to Iqaluit o_O;

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