Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Iqaluit, Day 22: Arctic Sunsets

When the sky is clear and the evening approaches, you can experience some of the most stunning and colourful sunsets in the Arctic. Slowly this blinding white and blue scenery turns into a warm blend of pink and purple, turquoise, gold and silver. All decorated with sparkling ice crystals.

We took the Skidoos and drove out to the bay to have a better view at the amazing colour transformation.

Those colours!

Returning home via Apex, a small community close to Iqaluit.
Historically, it was the first inuit settlement before Iqaluit was built.

Returning to Iqaluit just in time.

There's always time to kick some snow and tell it to fuck off.
After all it's mid April for god's sake!

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