Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Iqaluit, Day 15: Around Town

Since I was brought here to actually do some work and not just zooming around on a snowmobile or wrestling polar bears, those last few days have been productive and were mostly spent indoors. The weather was rather cold, windy and lots of snow came down. 

On Easter Sunday we all went to a magnificent Brunch Banquet at the Frobisher Inn. It was HUGE! So much food... so much great food... fresh strawberries in the Arctic, can you wish for more?

A small part of the enormous dessert corner. Food overkill!

So, here are a few pics from around town:

The neighbourhood

Iqaluit center

Nakasuk Elementary School

St. Jude's Anglican Church
The Navigator Inn

Inside Grind & Brew Cafe

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  1. I am sorry to sound so ignorant, but beneath the "Stop" - is that a real language? It looks very adventurous!