Friday, April 5, 2013

Iqaluit, Day 18: A Storm Is Coming

Well, the reason why I'm not posting much about further arctic adventures in the wilderness is simply because there isn't happening any at the moment. It's getting a tad stormy recently!

The weather changes its mood and everything's quiet

The Kamautik and the Skidoos all buried in snow...

Fortunately, there's enough to do indoors here in Iqaluit. For example digging into research of inuit culture and paying a visit to the local museum and visitor centre.

Badass carving of a walrus skull

The traditional women's costume is the Amauti.
They carry their babies in the large hoodie.

The closest I could get to a polar bear so far.

More dead stuff

A gigantic skull of a Northern Bottle Nose whale


The Ulu is a traditional knife.
Totally fell in love with them!


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  1. Cool photos, I love the look of that boat, it looks like it is foldable , what is the sail material, do you know?