Sunday, March 31, 2013

Iqaluit, Day 12: Picknick on the Ice

When I moved to Cork a couple years ago, I learned something from the Irish: You can go out and do something, no matter if it's rainy, windy or both - just do it! Now that I got a taste of arctic life here in Iqaluit, I learned another lesson from the locals: You can go out and do something, no matter if it's -20 Celsius and everything's covered with a thick layer of ice and snow!

So, yesterday we had a picknick on the ice!

We took the Skidoos, packed some lunch and off we went across the hills and on the sea ice. It's fascinating how agile the snowmobiles are. If you have seen the pictures of the frozen tidal waves I posted a few days ago, the answer is yes - we crossed that with the Skidoos and the Kamautiks, which are large sleds attached to the snowmobiles.

After we found the perfect spot for the Picknick, we all got hot tea and soup, sandwiches and stuff. I realised that bringing an apple to an arctic picknick isn't the best idea. It was the iciest apple I've ever seen.

Oh, and I fell from the Skidoo whilst zooming around the picknick area. The ground is so white, you cannot see anything anymore. I drove over a bump and found myself covered in snow a few seconds later. So I'm officially a Pro now!

Frobisher Bay

A Kamautik

Isabelle, Neil and their adorable daughter Mia.
And there's another baby! Both were fast asleep
during the bumpy, cold ride.

Cold temperatures and hot tea - best thing ever!

More water for the tea

After I fell from my Skidoo, I felt I need to build
my first Inuksuk to remember the historic event.

My Inuksuk. Was hard enough to dig out the stones!!

Arctic Picknick

Getting ready for the new Game of Thrones Season! =P


  1. Winter is coming, Eva. O_O Or so. Normally it should leave by now. Again great blogpost and great photos! And congratulations on finally being a pro :D

  2. *lol* A frozen apple.
    That brings back some memories about splitting the milk with an axe.