Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Iqaluit, Day 1: Arrival

At around 12 noon I landed in Iqaluit at the border of the Arctic Circle. The most remote capital in the world. The only city without traffic lights and only accessible by aircraft or boat. Allegedly an emergency landing site for the Space Shuttle, persistant rumours say.

And what am I doing here, you might ask. Well, that's a long story and it started some day in 2006 when I received an e-mail from a small publisher called Inhabit Media in Nunavut, asking if I would be available and interested in doing some illustration work for their Inuit Mythology Project. Since then I have been regularly producing art for them and recently they decided to bring me up to the Arctic for a month to work closely on projects and do research. Besides being totally over the moon about it, I cannot express how grateful I am for this once in a lifetime opportunity! So I decided to write about every day I am spending in Iqaluit. To value and treasure everything I learn here.

Right, the weather was marvellous today. Sun all over the place and mild -5 Celsius. It doesn't feel cold at all and the air is fresh and crisp and smells of ice. This is the house I am staying and working at for the next weeks:

My office is well set up and ready, I brought my MacBook with me, my tablet, pencils and stuff. The walls in the house are decorated with various original artworks from artists that worked on the Inuit Mythology Project. Plus, there's a real skull of a polar bear in the kitchen!!

After I settled in a bit, I took some pics of the neighbourhood and then they took me out for dinner to the Frobisher Inn where I tried my first arctic char. A delicious fish I have only been painting so far. And apparently it's not that easy to enjoy alcoholic beverages here. There are no off-license shops where you can pick up a six-pack or the occasional bottle of wine. You have to go into a licensed bar or restaurant if you want to have a pint. And that's pricey! So, yep. I guess I have to do without my "Feierabend-Bier" for the time being ;)


  1. Nice! Looks like an amazing environment, love the pic from the airplane, never seen such a landscape before, well not in person. I see they put you in the house with the dead bodies, they know you well :P Look forward to seeing more posts

  2. Off to a good start. I'm happy to see that everything turned out nice and the didn't sacrifice you to any icebear gods on your first day.
    Just a hint: Keep on blogging and read this first post at the last day of your journey.

  3. Wow that looks amazing! But -5 degrees? Phh..we are supposed to have -10 degrees in Ireland this Friday! I don't know if it's true..we'll wait and see.

    When I saw the polar bear skull in your kitchen cabinet I thought that's the right place for you. Yay! ;)

    What language do they speak in Iqaluit? Do they understand you when you speak English (or maybe even "bairish")?

    Can't wait to hear more of your adventures!!! Have a great time Eva! xxx