Sunday, March 24, 2013

Iqaluit, Day 5: Gone Fishing

The weather has been really pleasant since my arrival, so yesterday I was invited to join Louise and William on a fishing trip out on the land. It was awesome! I learned how to drive a snow mobile and they put me into a traditional inuit caribou jacket, pants and mitts. Seriously, if you have a problem with people wearing real fur - don't even go near the Arctic. But once you're clad in fur, you will understand why this is so popular in cold weather conditions. You're in this cosy, warm and windproof bubble, surrounded by icy winds and snow and burning sun.

We followed the river towards north for about an hour, best part of it was: We drove ON the river. Frozen solid! We passed some of the most beautiful winter sceneries I've ever experienced. Everything here looks like meringue sprinkled with dark chocolate flakes :)  

It's like walking in a big scoop of stracciatella ice cream!

Louise, Blandina and William

An Inuksuk ("Like a person")  is a stone landmark
you can find occasionally on your way through the land.  

Once we arrived at the desired fishing spot, the snow was shovelled off the frozen surface of the river and with the help of a motor drill a hole was cut into the ice, which was almost one meter thick! My initial worries of breaking through the ice were swept away immediately.

We drank the fresh water directly
from the river - ice cubes included! 

Ready for jigging!

Fresh catch of the day

I did some target shooting with William.
He's a hunter since he was a child.

Not too bad at all, eh? No vienna sausage is safe from me ;)

After a thoroughly inspiring day out in the fresh air and clear skies, we packed our stuff and travelled back to Iqaluit before sunset. Believe me, I had a super sleep afterwards!!


  1. Martin and I want to have a go off the snow mobile!!! That looks like great fun! Nice hat in the shot with the rifle ;) Looks like you had a great first week.

    Martin asks: Did you find any place to have a decent drink? Have you ever thought of going into politics? You are like the Bavarian equivalent of Sarah Palin (she's all into that shit like hunting and snow mobiles).

  2. Oh, you two would certainly enjoy zooming around with the Skidoos! And decent drinks? Well, Corona and Ginger Ale have to do for a while, I think... And why would someone even consider me as a politician? I would just legalize everything and then tell everybody to fuck off and leave me alone XD

  3. great photos Eva, what a great day :)

  4. The vastness - the bitter cold and to imagine walking this clad in a blanket - it sounds like a dream come true : ) This world seems so far away.