Thursday, March 28, 2013

Iqaluit, Day 10: Sundogs and Northern Lights

Seeing Northern Lights was something I was really looking forward to when I came to Iqaluit. And tonight they finally showed up. Right across my house! Like a spooky green snake they wandered across the sky. Unfortunately, I was so excited I didn't pay attention to any special camera setting you would have to use for getting the best shot of the Northern Lights =P So this one here has to do for now:

Northern Lights.
In reality they were much more impressive, though.

Another light phenomena I've seen here for the first time of my life are Sundogs. I spot them on a regular basis in the evening, those weird colourful lights flanking both sides of the sun at dusk and sometimes even forming a halo. I haven't had a chance to actually take a photo, so I am just stealing one from the web, which shows Sundogs over Iqaluit:

Crazy stuff, right?
(Photo taken by Frank Reardon)

Apparently, Sundogs can be seen all over the world. Though I have never seen them anywhere before.

In other news, temperatures dropped down to -30 Celsius those last few days and it's quite cold outside, especially with the wind. It's a very dry cold, though, so not too bad at all. As the saying goes: There's no bad weather, there's only bad clothes ;)


  1. wow incredible, looks like ur having an experience of a lifetime over there, not as good as drink and draw last night but not far off ;)

  2. Hahaha! =P Well, even though this is a small town, the percentage of people being interested in art and sketching is even higher than in Cork. I might just as well move here and have THE MOST AWESOME DRINK & DRAW EVER. Without the drink... because then they will lock me up.

  3. Cool, it can be Freeze & Draw so, a completely new idea, the person who freezes first and has to get his arm amputated wins ;)